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Hi! I'm Katie. I help special needs parents and teachers communicate and collaborate with one another in positive, empathy-centered ways. I do this through 1:1 coaching and small-group workshops.



I provide 1:1 coaching to special needs parents to help them create positive, collaborative relationship with their child's teachers, IEP team, and school community.

I also provide 1:1 coaching to teachers who want to build positive relationships and rapport with their special education students' parents and family members.

Have a small group of parents or teachers who want to learn communication techniques and skills together? I provide small-group workshops as well!

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What is Positive Communication?

Positive communication is the ability to express your thoughts, ideas, and feelings in a way that not only conveys what you want to express, but leaves the listener wanting to learn more.

When we communicate positively about our child or student, joy, comfort, and growth happen both within and around us. If you convey your or your child's needs using positive communication techniques, you will begin to attract positive communication to you.

Whether it is in an IEP meeting, a parent-teacher conference, or a simple email exchange with a parent or specialist, positive communication lays the foundation for collaboration.

What is Collaboration?

Collaboration is the ability to use positive communication skills to affect growth or change toward a common goal.

Collaboration is key when establishing goals, services, accommodations, and modifications for a special needs child in the classroom. To do this most effectively, parents and teachers must collaborate.

Parents and teachers can work together to create not only an IEP that serves the child best. They can also become partners in the school community.


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Coaching sessions and workshops are made by appointment. To schedule your session or workshop, please click the button below!


The secret to building relationships isn't in the words you say, but in the questions you ask.

— Justin Zoradi


Client-Focused Service

My focus is on you. Whether you are a parent or a professional, I'm here to help you communicate and collaborate effectively.