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Hi! I'm Katie.

I'm a coach and consultant who helps special needs parents and teachers develop loving, communicative relationships with their children, students, and communities. I do this through teaching alignment and flow in the home and the classroom, as well as 1:1 coaching sessions and workshops to overcome challenges, fears, and communication hurdles.

When we operate with intention from a place of alignment and flow, we generate love, communication, and connection within ourselves and with others. This directly and positively impacts our relationships with our children, our students, our families, and one another!



Learn how to...

  • Communicate both your child's strengths and needs effectively to others.
  • Create positive relationships and collaborate with your child's teachers, IEP team, and specialists.
  • Get centered and child-focused before IEP meetings, conversations with your child's teacher, or family members.
  • Develop daily self-care and self-love practices at home and at work.


learn how to...

  • Communicate with special needs students in your classroom.
  • Connect with your special needs students and develop positive, collaborative relationships with their parents.
  • Get centered before IEP meetings, conversations with parents, and daily or weekly communication logs.
  • Develop daily self-care and self-love practices at home and in the classroom.